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SAN CLEMENTE, California. December 8, 2014 – OC Nails is proud to announce the availability of the UV Shield Glove TM “BLACK NIGHT”. This new sleek color brings sophistication and style to your next gel manicure. In addition, to the new look-and-feel the latest offering includes an enhanced design reducing finger lengths by a few millimeters for a better fit and service experience.

Whether outdoors or in the salon, skin protection from ultraviolet rays (UV) has become an important issue. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, ultraviolet radiation is considered the main cause of nonmelanoma skin cancer striking more than 250,000 Americans each year. In addition to skin cancer, excessive ultraviolet exposure can result in signs of premature aging such as sun spots or wrinkling (photoaging).  

“We are starting to see an increase in demand for the UV Shield GloveTM outside of the salon,” said Glenn Hamasaki, CEO, OC Nails, LLC. “They are being used for everyday chores such as gardening or outdoor activities such as biking or hiking.”

The selection of the new color was based upon direct feedback from guests and customers worldwide. The UV Shield Glove TM was launched in February 2014 and has been tested by an independent third party to block ultraviolet rays and is now available in Hot Pink, Teal, Amethyst, & Black.

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