OC Nails Launches the UV Shield Glove February 10 2014, 1 Comment

SAN CLEMENTE, California. February 10, 2014 – OC Nails today announces the availability of the UV Shield Glove TM. The UV Shield Glove TM blocks 99% of ultraviolet rays and features a beautiful lightweight design, soft breathable fabric, and stylish colors making them a necessity for your next gel manicure.

Gel manicures have become one of the most popular services in a nail salon today and are a major factor in annual growth rate of 12% in the industry according to NAILS Magazine. There have been conflicting reports over the past few years about the harmful affects of the ultraviolet light used to cure the nails during the gel manicure process. The UV Shield Glove TM addresses these concerns and has been specifically designed to protect a woman’s hands from ultraviolet light during the gel manicure service.

“We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of gel manicures performed at the salon after we started using the UV Shield Glove TM,” said Kim Wybenga, Owner, Ocean View Nails. “The customers like not having to worry about the ultraviolet light and the gloves give them that peace of mind.”

“The need for protection of a woman’s hands is becoming increasingly important with the explosion of gel manicure and acrylic services,” said Glenn Hamasaki, CEO, OC Nails, LLC. “We are receiving tremendous feedback from our early adopters and are excited for the potential of the product line.”

The UV Shield Glove TM has been tested by an independent third party to block ultraviolet rays, is machine-washable, and is now available in Hot Pink, Teal, and Amethyst.

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