What’s The Most Important Step In The Gel Manicure Process? July 08 2014, 0 Comments

What’s the most important step in the gel manicure process?

Gel manicures are one of the most requested services in the salon today. They go on like polish, provide a reprieve from chipped nails typically lasting up to two weeks, and best of all they are instantly dry. So, this means no more heart stopping dives into the purse searching for keys while trying not to damage your still wet nails.

Nowadays there are many gel polish brands from CND, OPI, Gelish, etc. They all use a similar 3-step application process. First, a standard manicure is performed and the nails are prepared for the gel polish application. Next, a base, color, and top coat are applied. Each coat followed with a short time under an ultraviolet lamp to cure each layer. The ultraviolet light triggers photoinitiators in the gel polish which enables it to harden. Finally, an alcohol-based solution is used to clean off the nails and give them a nice shine.

So, which step is the most important? It’s actually none of these. The most important step for ongoing nail health is the removal process. This step is when your nails are the most vulnerable. The nail plate is softened by the acetone used to remove the gel polish and should be treated with care. There should be no scraping or buffing of the nails. Also, an orangewood stick should be used and not a metal scraper to remove any excess gel polish. I’ve heard horror stories of technicians using large acrylic buffers or even drills to remove gel polish.  An improper removal process can result in thinning, peeling, or cracked nails.

To ensure the best gel manicure experience we recommend doing a little homework before you select a salon. Try to find a salon that is:

  • Certified. The nail technician or salon is trained for the gel polish they are using.
  • Defined Process. Ask about their gel polish process ~ specifically the removal process.
  • Quality Brand. Select a salon that uses a gel polish brand you recognize such as CND, OPI, etc. There are many gel polish brands these days and thus many low-end knock-offs.
  • UV Protection.  Identify a salon that uses uv gloves for additional skin protection.  Or purchase your own UV Shield Gloves here.

Also, for another reference here is a link to the CND Shellac gel process.

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